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RemedyWave is your source for Complete IT Solutions for both small and large businesses. Our technical support experts are located in California, Singapore, and Shanghai and can provide you with:
Help Desk Portal
RemedyWave R-Pass is our online customer service portal that allows customers to quickly check the status of their technical support request cases, and make any updates to their support cases, so our technical support staff always has the most current information about your IT environment. With our various levels of customer support, we can also monitor your servers and web applications, and keep their status updated in R-Pass.
Automatic Notifications and Documentation
Should your systems experience any problems, RemedyWave technical support staff is automatically notified, so they can begin to troubleshot and solve any IT infrastructure problems. All our troubleshooting and resolution processes are fully documented so they can be viewed at any time. Detailed documentation is an essential part of all IT environments. The detailed support documentation we provide not only informs you about what we fixed, but also gives you valuable reference information, should any similar problems arise again.
RemedyWave Services
Please note that RemedyWave is not a website hosting or data center hosting company. We do not provide any methods for customers to store their business data on our servers, neither do we provide any products related to IT departments. RemedyWave only provides a variety of technical support services, and various IT department workflow assessment services, to you for server and software products that you already own or plan to purchase.
Recommendations and Support
We can make recommendations to products that we believe may be beneficial to your company, but any products you purchase are done through your own vendors or suppliers. We can help you install and maintain all aspects of servers and software applications, as well as provide technical support training to your IT staff.
Our services all offer the option for both on-site or remote technical support and monitoring. With our technical skills and resources, your business will surpass the competition.

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