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Data Center Outsourcing Support

There are times when it is just more cost effective and practical to have your data and servers located offsite. Changing business priorities and higher technical capabilities can be just some of the reasons you may want to consider this option. As we mentioned in our services overview, RemedyWave is not a website hosting or data center hosting company. We do not provide any methods for customers to store their business data on our servers, neither do we provide any products related to IT departments.
We can however provide you with recommendations for your various data center off-site outsourcing options that are currently available on the market, and provide you with a high level of technical support: before, during, and after your data center moves. Data Center Outsourcing Support
Data Center Location Options
Outsourcing doesn't mean you have to host your entire data center in some other location. There are a variety of options available that include hybrid-cloud hosting, where you only host some of your servers in the cloud and the rest are on-premises.
Whether you are transitioning to a 100% cloud-based environment, or moving your servers to a new off-site data center, RemedyWave technical support services will strive to keep your software applications accessible to you and your customers, with the maximum possible server uptime.
100% Cloud-Based
There are countless cloud-based server options offered by companies that include: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. This gives your company a tremendous amount of flexibility as to what data center services you require, as well as their geographic location.
With our 24/7 server monitoring solutions, we make sure your web applications stay up during any data center moves. RemedyWave will provide the technical support services to make sure all your applications transition smoothly to their new locations. Moving web applications to outsourced cloud-based environments can often require server configuration changes and the installation of additional supporting software. We will provide the support to help you analyze any possible impacts to your applications before they are actually moved.
Moving Plan
RemedyWave will make sure there is a well-structured moving plan in place. If you have a large existing data center and are planning on moving it to the cloud, partially or entirely, we recommend a gradual server move with as much pre-move testing as possible. Our goal is to keep your servers and web applications up and running, with very minimal disruptions or downtime.
Data center moves can quickly become an overwhelming task. Let RemedyWave provide you the technical expertise and support to make the move successful.

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