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Help Desk Solutions

Many businesses have tried to establish and maintain an in-house Help Desk Call Center only to discover that this can be a very risky and expensive undertaking. Many companies with internal help desks often evolve into problem tracking instead of problem solving corporations. RemedyWave has been running help desk services for almost 17 years and have learned and evolved many practices and procedures as a result.
Train and Advise
We can provide you with our own help desk technical support services for all your server and network needs, or we can help train and advise your existing help desk staff on some of the best methods of solving technical IT problems. RemedyWave can provide you with Help Desk Solutions that include:
  • Assessing and analyzing your current documentation procedures.
  • Providing training for the help desk staff.
  • Auditing the problem solving procedures and establishing the latest, most efficient problem solving methods to your current solutions.
  • RemedyWave remote or on-site help desk services.
Problems can't always be solved on the first initial call to a help desk, but with a revision of software, procedures and staff training, your help desk can greatly increase its solution turn-around time. RemedyWave can also provide outsourcing alternatives for your Help Desk Call Center, which can significantly lower your operating costs.
Out-Sourcing Alternatives
There is a major trend in the IT industry to outsource IT help desks to 3rd party providers that are often times located in geographic regions nowhere near your actual business. Depending on the type of business you are running this can be a source of cost savings, but it can also lead to frustration amongst your customers if technical problems or web application problems aren't quickly resolved. Help Desk Solutions
On-Premises Help Desk
A small on-premises help desk is often the best solution for smaller to mid-sized companies. If your IT support staff has the technical training, server and network physical access, and proper documentation and tracking software, IT technical problems can often be resolved rapidly. RemedyWave can make sure your staff has the proper knowledge and is using the best tracking and documentation tools to solve problems quickly. We can also provide our own help desk solutions to your company with various levels of support.
Contact us and we can discuss a help desk solution that will work best for you.

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