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Financial Database Management

The majority of E-commerce websites today use financial databases. Larger corporations also rely on these databases to store their most sensitive financial data. Installing and maintaining these databases can often lead to many challenges.
If everything works correctly with your database that is great, but what happens when something goes wrong or your throughput has significantly slowed? Will you be able to gather the data you need in the shortest time possible? Can you afford to lose orders while your database is down?
History of Database Support
RemedyWave has been providing financial database consulting services for 17 years with outstanding results. With an emphasis on fail-safe recovery and performance tuning, our experts can ensure your data will be available when you need it. Our certified DBAs are experts in: Oracle, DB2, Sybase, MariaDB, and MySQL.
RemedyWave Financial Database Management
Cloud-Based Databases
If you are looking for 100% cloud-based databases, then one of the many database engines on the AWS platform may be one of your many options. RemedyWave has AWS certified support staff available to help you configure AWS databases that include: Aurora, RDS, Redshift, and DynamoDB. Cloud-based databases offer many advantages, but their initial setup and backup strategy implementation can be confusing. Let RemedyWave help setup and support your financial databases and applications so you can focus on running your business.
Support Wide Variety of Industries
Our database support specialists have strong and proven experience in the banking, brokerage, and investment banking environments. With the ability to design, optimize, and monitor your databases, your financial data will be available when you need it. Implementing a reliable and cost-effective backup strategy is essential with any database your company uses, and we can provide you with the support to achieve that. The RemedyWave database management service is handled remotely, and with a variety of cloud-based solutions, we can remotely manage and assist, regardless of your geographic location.

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