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Total IT Process Assessments

If your current IT staff is having trouble reaching their goals and procedures do not appear to be running as smoothly as you would like, then an objective technology and skills assessment can be just the solution. Often there are skill or communication gaps within the IT teams and your current staff may be losing valuable productivity as a result. Total IT Process Assessments
Utilizing ITIL 4 Framework
We follow the ITIL 4 guiding principles consisting of: 1) Focus on value, 2) Start where you are, 3) Progress iteratively with feedback, 4) Collaborate and promote visibility, 5) Think and work holistically, 6) Keep it simple and practical, 7) Optimize and automate. RemedyWave support staff has found the ITIL 4 framework to be extremely beneficial to IT companies when it comes to evaluating server, network, and help desk workflows.
Skills Assessment
With our thorough technical skills assessment we can determine possible gaps in your IT department organizations workflow. Correcting these gaps can lead to significant savings for all departments. You will be able to quickly identify, prioritize and justify the opportunities for improvement. RemedyWave can provide training and technical support to your IT and help desk staff to bring them up to speed with the latest technologies.
Technology Assessment
When it comes to server hardware and software applications RemedyWave technology assessment can identify key components for capacity planning and potential changes. With a complete assessment of your IT business process our program will help you:
  • Identify room for operational growth
  • Identify existing and anticipated capacity requirements
  • Enhance processing efficiency
  • Determine necessary OS hardware or tuning changes
  • Target the key root causes of performance bottlenecks
Optimize IT Department Processes
Using this assessment, your organization's management will be able to optimize the IT business service while keeping operating costs at a minimum. Sometimes a performance bottleneck can be caused by performance issues on a specific server due to configuration issues. Other times your IT administrators may just require some additional training in specific technical operations. We will carefully evaluate your IT help desk services and provide the technical support and recommendations to keep your IT department running smoothly with cost efficiency.

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